martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015

b-twist - jumpthegap

[what]: "Jumpthegap is an International Design Contest promoted by Roca with the collaboration of BCD Barcelona Design Centre that is looking for new, innovative and sustainable concepts for the bathroom space."

[who]: HOOD architects:  raquel prendes, irene cañada

[when]: april 2015

Due to the limited space in contemporary houses and the variety of family models traditional devices are being replaced by efficient elements for multifunctional living spaces. B-twist is an adaptable multi-purpose device which combines three different sizes of wash basins and it is equipped with a grey water recycling system. 

It´s main feature is the rotation movement that allows the user to arrange the basins so they can be simultaneously used for a wide variety of purposes.
The design was born from the idea of offering pragmatic responses to routine activities related with personal hygiene and small laundry that usually don´t have a proper space in the house. However it´s versatile and simple handling concept offer the user the chance to explore new applications for future needs.
B-twist is formed by a main structure that is a vertical steel cylinder which contains the plumbing system and a secondary cantilevered structure system which supports the containers that rotate around the cylinder:
  • The hand basin (10 litres) and wash basin (23 litres) are the upper bowls made of white solid surface and they  rotate in prefixed angles due to the position of the drainpipes. The bottom lid of the Hand Basin can be removed in order to create a bigger container.
  • The tray is a flat wooden surface that free rotates and can be used a seat or a table
  • The foot basin (28 litres) is the lower bowl formed by a solid surface material. Under the foot basin is located the recycling unit and a 10 litre tank of the recycled grey water that can be used for laundry, pet washing or watering the plants.

The simplicity of the design creates an appealing object that can be differently arranged to give a comfortable response to everyday needs and encourages people to develop a sustainable use of water.

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