viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

falling stars downtown karosta - karosta

[what]: competition by Homemade Dessert. to cover all scale of karosta's urban revitalization plan, we are asked to focus on small-scale architecture forms - playground areas, bus stops, benches, information signs - in order to develop a consistent concept to reinforce and reflect the identity of the town. 

[where]: karosta, latvia

[who]: raquel prendes 

[when]: april 2014

Breaking news. A massive meteor shower took place last night at the city center of Karosta between 2.00 and 4.00am. Surprisingly neighbors are out on the streets getting familiar with what is left of the meteors. Apparently they are turning them into street furniture, such as bus stops or children’s playground.

Several geologist and astrologist have reached the area, and after a few hours of studying the sizes and shapes of the meteors, they have come to the conclusion that they are all formed by an original shape (information point), that twisting, breaking and falling apart has led to the rest of objects (bus stop, seating and children’s playground).

Material seems to be similar to concrete, so the City Hall has already declared that new shapes could be easily reproduced, in order to spread this new urban furniture in those areas that haven’t been reached by the meteors.
The Major confirms, then, that this objects will not be removed, given the acceptance they have had by the population of Karosta. 

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